Scandinavian Hub®

Scandinavian Hub® is a multinational product development company, supplier and retailer. Our brands specialize in office supplies, kitchenware, home decorations, and lifestyle products. We are passionately mapping the ever-evolving needs of the customers and constantly upgrade, innovate and surprise them with better products.

We provide quality products at affordable prices to customers & retailers all over the world. The customer portfolio currently includes:

  • USA and Canada
  • United Kingdom, Italy, France, Germany and Spain
  • All the other European region countries

Our main goal is to design functional items so that our customers can feel at ease in their everyday life.
Our ideal product should be durable, beautiful and easy to use. We only use high-quality materials and optimize our designs to achieve the highest efficiency and functionality.

Have questions? We are more than happy to help at or cal us at our US number+12098132457

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